1. All the APIs are Async.
    a. requestId field is used for the purposes for mapping responses to their respective requests.
  2. Each API request generates a standardized Acknowledgement from the other end.
  3. LSP can poll for the status and/or Lender sends a webhook.
  4. Each function has 2 separate APIs. For example: Create Loan Application has 2 APIs
    a. CreateLoanApplicationRequest -> Request sent by LSP to the Lender
    b. CreateLoanApplicationResponse -> Async Response sent by Lender to LSP
  5. Create calls should be idempotent on the requestId field i.e. two calls to CreateLoanApplication with same requestId shouldn’t result in two applications created. Lenders are advised to return the same response as sent earlier.
  6. Update APIs for MSMEs to push more data as requested by Lender
CategoryApi NameDescriptionBHIM 4 Lending Need
Loan ApplicationCreate Loan Applications RequestCreates loan applications with the lender systemMust Have
Loan ApplicationCreate Loan Applications ResponseResponse for the Create Loan Applications Request
which includes the status of application
Must Have
OffersGenerateOffersRequestRequest raised by an LSP to fetch offers for a previously raised loan applicationMust Have
OffersGenerateOffersResponseResponse provided by Lender to LSP which includes the OffersMust Have
OffersSetOfferRequestRequest raised by LSP to lender to choose an offerMust Have
OffersSetOfferResponseResponse send by Lender to LSP as response to acceptOfferMust Have
ConsentConsentHandleRequestRequest Raised by LSP to Lender to trigger creation of consent requests in the AA systemMust Have
ConsentConsentHandleResponseResponse given by lender to LSP with the consent handles for the consent requests raisedMust Have
ConsentConsentStatusRequestRequest raised by LSP to Lender to check the Consent artifact creation statusMust Have
ConsentConsentStatusResponseResponse sent by LSP to Lender which includes the ConsentIds and their statusesMust Have
Loan AcceptanceTriggerLoanAcceptanceRequestRequest sent by LSP to lender to send an OTP to phone number associated with disbursement account for agreeing to the loan termsMust Have
Loan AcceptanceTriggerLoanAcceptanceResponseResponse given by the lender for TriggerOTPRequestMust Have
Loan AcceptanceVerifyLoanAcceptanceRequestRequest sent by the LSP to lender with the OTP that was sent to the phone numberMust Have
Loan AcceptanceVerifyLoanAcceptanceResponseResponse given by the lender acknowledging the verification of OTPMust Have
Grant LoanGrant Loan RequestRequest raised by the LSP to get a loan granted for the borrowed. This API creates the loan in the lenders systemMust Have
Grant LoanGrant Loan ResponseResponse given by the lender back to the LSP once the loan is created in the lending systemMust Have
Grant LoangetLoanRequestThis API is invoked by the LSP when the LSP wants to get the details of the loan.Must Have
Grant LoangetLoanResponseThis method is called by the Lender and it returns all the details of the loan.Must Have
Grant LoanLoan Summary RequestRequest raised by the LSP to get the current summary of the loanMust Have
Grant LoanLoan Summary ResponseResponse given by lender for LoanSummary RequestMust Have
Grant LoanLoanStatementRequestRequest raised for getting the current loan account statementMust Have
Grant LoanLoanStatementResponseResponse giving the Loan account statementMust Have
Grant LoanListLoansRequestThis API is invoked by LSP to get the list of loans given by lender for a borrowerMust Have
Grant LoanListLoansResponseThis API gives get the list of loans given by lender for a borrowerMust Have
RepaymentgetRepaymentPlansRequestRequest raised to get list of plans for a loanMust Have
RepaymentgetRepaymentPlansResponseReturns the list of repayment plans for a lenderMust Have
RepaymentSetRepaymentPlansRequestRequest Raised by LSP to set a repayment plan from the list of options.Must Have
RepaymentSetRepaymentPlansResponseResponse from the Lender to LSP returning the lender page url where repayment should be setMust Have
RepaymenttriggerRepaymentRequestRequest by the LSP to lender to trigger a repaymentMust Have
RepaymenttriggerRepaymentResponseResponse by the Lender in response to Trigger Repayment RequestMust Have
RepaymenttriggerRepaymentStatusRequestRequest raised by LSP to check the status of a triggerRepaymentRequestMust Have
RepaymenttriggerRepaymentStatusResponseResponse for triggerRepaymentStatusMust Have
RepaymentSetRepaymentPlanStatusRequestRequest raised by LSP to get the status of a previously called setRepaymentPlan requestMust Have
RepaymentSetRepaymentPlanStatusResponseResponse given by lender for SetRepaymentPlanStatusRequestMust Have
RepaymentconfirmRepaymentWebhook for lender to inform LSP about a received repaymentMust Have
DisbursementTrigger Disbursement RequestRequest raised by LSP to Lender to trigger disbursementMust Have
DisbursementTrigger Disbursement ResponseResponse given by the lender for TriggerDisbursementMust Have
DisbursementsetDisbursementAccountRequestRequest given by the LSP to set a disbursement account for the loanMust Have
DisbursementsetDisbursementAccountResponseResponse given the Lender for setDisbursementAccountRequestMust Have
DisbursementGetDisbursementPlansRequestRequest Raised by LSP to get all Disbursement plans offered by LenderMust Have
DisbursementGetDisbursementPlansResponseResponse from the Lender to LSP listing all Disbursement PlansMust Have
DisbursementSetDisbursementPlanRequestRequest raised by LSP to choose a disbursement planMust Have
DisbursementSetDisbursementPlanResponseResponse given by lender indicating the status of set Disbursement PlanMust Have
DisbursementTriggerDisbursementStatusRequestRequest raised by LSP to check the status of a previously initiated trigger DisbursementMust Have
DisbursementTriggerDisbursementStatusResponseResponse given by lender for a trigger Disbursement Status RequestMust Have
Dispute ManagementRaise Dispute RequestRequest raised by LSP to create a dispute in lender systemMust Have
Dispute ManagementRaise Dispute ResponseResponse given to LSP by lender post RaiseDisputeRequestMust Have
Dispute ManagementDispute Status RequestThis API is invoked by the LSP to get the status of a disputeMust Have
Dispute ManagementDispute Status ResponseThis API is invoked by the Lender to send the status of a disputeMust Have
Meta APIsHeartbeatThis API is used by LSP to check if a lender system is up and runningMust Have