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Check Eligibility

This API will check whether the card bin provided supports direct OTP flow.


EMBEDDEDcard_binstringFirst 6 digits of the card number
GETmerchant_idstringMerchant ID which represents the merchant storing the card
options.check_direct_otp_supportbooleanThis is a boolean variable and accepts true/false. If set to true, then the card eligibility check for OTP payments will be done.


curl -X GET https://api.juspay.in/cardbins/524368?merchant_id=:merchant_id&options.check_direct_otp_support=true


200{"id": "524368","object": "cardbin","brand": "Master Card","bank": "HDFC Bank","country":"India","type": "CREDIT","direct_otp_support": true}

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Check Eligibility

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