Configurations & Capabilities


The Juspay Payment Page supports a wide range of product configurations to align your end user payment experience with your business objectives

The product configurations provides the required control you may need on the Payment Page experience. It helps to modify and experiment by tweaking user behaviour, with the objective of:
(i) Improving overall conversion rates
(ii) Optimising payment processing cost

Quick Pay

QuickPay surfaces a single payment option to the user with your app's context in the background. It improves user experience by ensuring

  • Quicker checkout (fewer taps)
  • Reducing cognitive load (not showing too many options to choose from)
  • Allows your business to promote specific payment methods (say promoting UPI to reduce payment processing cost, or, promoting a wallet provider with offer promotions)

Quickpay shall support following logic to achieve your business goals
Promote: Promoting specific payment instruments of your choice
Recommend: To automatically surface up the last used payment method of a user

Basis observations, 80% of users habitually stick to a single payment option and we have observed the Payment Success Rates on QuickPay user journey to be 1.2x times better than the standard payment flow. Hence a better payment experience for your loyal customers.


Re-ordering Payment Options

Juspay Payment Page provides the capability to reorder payment instrument groups on Payment page home screen according to your product goals

  • Rank the payment methods within payment instrument group (For example: UPI Apps List)
  • Prioritise specific payment method as per your business requirements

Below are some examples of various ranking logic - Promoting UPI (left), Promoting wallets (centre) and Promoting Cards (right)


One-click Access to Payment Options

Enabling one-click access for specific payment methods will help to drive more user traffic into the specific payment methods. The one-click grid may be enabled for Specific UPI Apps, Wallets and Netbanking options.

Please refer below where Specific UPI Apps are positioned for easy one-click access (left), versus UPI app not positioned for one-click access.


Outage notifications

Payment systems are complex, typically involving multiple systems such as issuing bank, network, payment orchestrator, payment aggregator, payment gateway, and acquiring bank. Any of these systems facing outage leads to payment failure. Hence it is critical to display payment method downtimes to the users to make an informed decision.

The Juspay Outage algorithm constantly monitors and learns the payment failures for each payment method. Outage systems maintain the score for each payment method between 0 to 1 range. When any particular payment method sees a high number of failures back-to-back and exceeds the threshold, the Juspay Payment Page starts displaying the Outage message on the User interface.

Outage notifications on the Juspay Payment Page are:

  • Near real-time: Detects outages as early as it happens and accurately
  • Global information: Makes accurate decisions based on Success Rate information across Juspay merchants
  • Configurable Thresholds: You can define the fluctuate threshold and down threshold based on your business needs

Expand/ Collapse Payment Options

Modify configurations to tweak the level of accessibility of specific payment methods to users. This will modify the user traffic flowing to those specific payment methods.

For instance, below are the possibilities:

  • Displaying wallets on payments home screen (left): Will drive more user traffic to the Wallets
  • Group wallets under a payment section (right): Will reduce the traffic

Popular Banks

Specific banks may be configured as popular/ frequently used banks based on user preferences. Such popular banks may be displayed as a Grid/ List layout.

Grid layout provides a one-click access, whereas a list layout will prompt for confirmation from user.


UPI ID Verification

Verification of UPI ID prior to initiating a transaction can enhance the conversion rates upto ~15% for UPI ID based transactions.

Note: This feature is supported with specific Payment processors only.