eNACH/ eMandate

eNACH mode:

eNACH is a mandate setup governed by NPCI. Mandate will be set up at an account level and authentication can be done via Debit Card, Net banking or Aadhaar. The Maximum amount that a NACH can be setup with is upto 10 Lakh INR without any 2 FA. Henceforth eNACH is an optimal autopay solution for the Investment and Insurance sector.

However, eNACH is a pure register of mandate flow. Debit can not happen during the time of registration. A penny amount transaction of Rs 1 or Rs 2 would be done, while setting up the mandate. The amount won’t be deducted from the customer account or settled with the merchant. This is just for verification. The mandate may be set instantaneously or can take up to T+2 days. Merchant will be notified through a webhook. During Mandate registration, extra params are required such as Account Number, IFSC Code and Beneficiary name.

Kindly find here the list of Banks that are live on NPCI

eMandate mode:

eMandate is a net banking mandate setup. But here, the setup doesn't go via the NPCI route and the mandate is set directly with the bank. This direct net banking mandate setup is available with HDFC, ICICI, SBI and Axis Bank. But only HDFC and ICICI Bank support register + debit flow during Mandate Registration. Merchants will have to take special permission from Gateway to enable this flow.