Error Codes

As the LSP-Lender APIs are async, there are two different places where the error can be thrown. First is as part of the Ack and the second is as part of the Actual Response. The error messages can be classified depending on where they appear

  1. Errors captured inside Ack object - Errors captured inside Ack object are at a very basic level. These include errors which can be immediately flagged without having to do a lot of processing
    a. Security Errors - Errors related to signature mismatch
    b. Validation Errors - Errors like missing mandatory attributes, incorrect values passed for an ENUM field etc.
  2. Response API Errors - These are the errors captured inside Response node of the actual Response API - Each Response API that hits the LSP has a dedicated object called Response. This object will capture all the API level business errors. For example, if there are errors in CreateLoanApplicationRequest, they will be captured inside the Response object of the CreateLoanApplicationResponse payload. These can be of two types
    a. Business Errors - Errors related to the business logic implemented in each APIs
    b. System Errors - Errors related to the auxiliary systems to which the lender system talks to like AA, Credit Bureaus, PCR etc

Errors captured inside Ack Object

Validation Errors

Sl NoError CodeDescription
1GEN5001Mandatory Attribute missing
2GEN5002Value provided not in ENUM
3GEN5003Method Type Not Allowed
4GEN5004Service Unavailable
5GEN5005Invalid api version
6GEN5006Request Timed Out
7GEN5007Invalid attribute Length

Security Errors

Sl NoError CodeDescription
1AUTH1001Invalid signature

API Errors


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1CLARQ1001Loan type not supported
2CLARQ1002CreationDate cannot be greater than current time
3CLARQ1003Requested loan amount exceeds limit
4CLARQ1004Corrupted API Payload for collateral data
5CLARQ1005Corrupted API Payload for borrower data


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1CHRQ4001Invalid vua
2CHRQ4002LoanApplicationId not found
3CHRQ4003isAggregation enabled flag is set to True but no ConsentAggregationId found
4SYS4004AA server down
5SYS4004AA server Request time out


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1GORS2001Invalid LoanApplicationId
2GORS2002Consent for fetching data from AA expired
3SYS2003AA system down
4SYS2004Data fetch from AA failed
5SYS2005Data fetch from AA timed out
6SYS2006BRE system down
7SYS2007BRE processing failed
8SYS2008BRE processing timed out
9SYS2009Dedupe system down
10SYS2010Dedupe processing failed
11SYS2011Dedupe processing timed out
12SYS2012Credit Bureau server down
13SYS2013Credit Bureau timed out
14SYS2014Any other ancillary system failure


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1AO8001Selected offer no longer valid


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1SDP1001Selected disbursement plan no longer valid


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1SRP1001Selected repayment plan no longer valid
3SYS9011Invalid payment vpa


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1TOTP8001Selected offer no longer valid
2SYS8002OTP Service Provider down
4SYS8004OTP Trigger failed
5SYS8005Too many OTP attempts


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1VOTP3001OTP Session expired
2VOTP3002Invalid OTP
3VOTP3003Multiple incorrect attempts


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1GLRS5001Invalid vua
2GLRS5002Consent for fetching data from AA expired
3GLRS5003Selected offer no longer valid
4GLRS5004Selected disbursement plan not found
5GLRS5005Selected repayment plan not found
6GLRS5006Incomplete e-mandate details
7SYS9001LMS system down
8SYS9002LMS system timed out

TriggerDisbursementResponse & TriggerDisbursementStatusResponse

Sl NoError CodeDescription
1TDRS5001Invalid loan Id
2SYS5002CBS down
3SYS5003Disbursement failed


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1TRRS9001Invalid loan Id
2TRRS9002No repayment method set for the request


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1SYS8010Insufficient Balance
2SYS8011Authorization failed
3SYS8012Authentication failure
4SYS8013Payment url expired


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1LSR6010Invalid loan Id


Sl NoError CodeDescription
2RHRS6002Start Date before the loan start date
3RHRS6003End Date greater than current date
4RHRS6004Start date cannot be greater than end date


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1GRPR6001Invalid loan Id
2GRPR6002No Repayment Plans exist currently for this loan Id


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1GDPR7001Invalid loan Id
2GDPR7002No Disbursement Plans exist currently for this loan Id


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1RDR8120Invalid loan Id


Sl NoError CodeDescription
1UDR8120Invalid dispute Id