Initiate Payload

HyperSDK offers an easier client-side integration by unifying data and API calls.
Some part of the data required to complete operations which will be common and can be collected before HyperSDK is actually required to continue operation will be added as a part of Initiate payload.

Param Details

actionStringYesoperation to be performed in the SDK.
Should be initiate for this call.
merchantIdStringYesUsername of the account that you hold at Juspay
clientIdStringYesUnique identifier associated with static resources assigned by juspay.
Format: merchantId_platform ie, If MerchantId is M1
then Client id: M1_android, M1_ios
customerIdStringYesAny unique reference associated with your customer.
environmentStringNoJuspay remote environment to be used for completing an operation.
Possible values: <sandbox/prod>
Defaults to production in case not passed.


    "requestId" : "8cbc3fad-8b3f-40c0-ae93-2d7e75a8624a", 
    "service" : "in.juspay.hyperapi",
    "payload"  : { 
            "action" : "initiate",
        "merchantId" : "<Merchant Id>", 
        "clientId" : "<Client Id>", 
        "customerId" : "<Customer Id>", //Any unique refrences to current customer
        "environment" : "sandbox"|"prod",


    "service": "in.juspay.hyperapi",
    "requestId": "8cbc3fad-8b3f-40c0-ae93-2d7e75a8624a",
    "payload": {
     "action": "initiate",
     "status": "success"
    "errorMessage": "",
    "errorCode": "",
    "error": false

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