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HyperSDK aims to enhance transaction success rates with the objective of solving the two most important problems in managing payments.

  • A confusing payment experience for users, and
  • An exponentially complex system to integrate and manage for merchants
    To support Android and iOS apps, the integration is through a Native SDK that can be easily embedded in your app code.

Benefits of Hyper SDK

  • New Features to enhance conversion rates
    1. Native OTP flows with a configurable user experience.
    2. Visa one-click payment experience.
    3. UPI Intent on iOS and Android
    4. One tap OTP verification with SMS User Consent API
    5. Netbanking e-mandate.
    6. Easy emi (Cost/No-Cost).
  • SDK Optimizations
    1. Simplified integration architecture which is easily scalable to Juspay’s new product offerings.
    2. Developer friendly SDK request-response constructs.
    3. SDK size optimized to less than 1MB.
    4. Simplified integration constructs for Third-party SDKs.
  • Unified integration constructs to easily extend the range of payment options to your users with minimal integration changes. This includes Visa-one click experience, Native OTP flows, Wallet link and pay flows, and App-to-App payment journeys.
  • Delightful payments experience on top of the existing 3D secure infrastructure.
  • Configurability: Built-in features to support different configurations and changes in real-time including but not limited to enabling/disabling options, modifying preferences for second-factor authentication journey
  • Dynamic SDK Update: Any configuration update for the Hyper SDK does not depend on the merchant app release cycle
  • Real-time analytics on user/system performance

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