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What is Hyper SDK 1.0 ?


Deprecated Version

Please use Hyper SDK 2.0 version. For documentation please visit - https://developer.juspay.in/v2.0/

Juspay Payments SDK Integration

JusPay Payments SDK aims to build smart payment experience based on User Preferences and thereby increase overall Success Rates. In Android/iOS apps, the integration is through an SDK that can be easily embedded in your app code. It provides several convenience and security features for users. It also collects a slew of information to give merchants a deeper insight into the events occurring after hitting the 'Pay' button. With PaymentsSDK, merchants will be able to provide a pleasing payments experience on top of the existing 3D secure infrastructure. This document explains how to integrate the Payments SDK in your Android/iOS Mobile App for the payment flow.

Getting Started
PaymentsSDK can be added as an Activity in your application. It is an end to end payments assistant on the client. Before creating the release build, review the Merchant Checklist and whitelist PaymentsSDK Library as given in Proguard Rules.


Platform & API Level support

Android versions >= API 19* are supported.
iOS versions >= 11 are supported.

*For ExpressCheckout Module, API 19 and above are supported.

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What is Hyper SDK 1.0 ?

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