Payout Introduction

Vendor payments, loan disbursement, credit card bill payments etc. traditionally did not have a unified system for processing the outstanding amounts. Juspay Payout aims to provide a unified system by integrating with multiple banks/partners and thereby increasing both uptime and payment rails available to the merchant.

Juspay takes a technology-first approach and has built the stack from the ground up to ensure a great level of reliability. By using safe coding techniques and persistent workflow systems, we achieve correctness both at the system level and business logic.
Payout amount tends to be a significant amount, hence, we need to take extra care in the way payments are handled.

At Juspay, we have abstracted the bank/partners integrations and through our dynamic routing/retry mechanism to increase the success rate.

Supported payment rails
Payment to a beneficiary can be achieved via the following modes:

  1. IMPS
  2. NEFT
  3. Visa Direct
  4. Mastercard Send
  5. UPI (push to VPA)
  6. Wallets

Supported Banks and Aggregators

Payout methodYesbankCashfreePaytm
Visa DirectYNN
Mastercard SendYNN
UPI (push to VPA)YYY

Link here for more details (Link of Payout Advantages)