Resend OTP

This will be used to resend OTP request for a transaction. There will be max OTP send limit set for each provider configured.


EMBEDDEDidstringUnique id generated for the transaction while generate OTP API call.
EMBEDDEDchallenge_idstringChallenge id generated against the transaction.


curl -X POST -u your_api_key:


   "order_id" : ":order_id",
   "txn_id"   : ":txn_id",
   "status"   : "PENDING_VBV",
   "payment"  : {
    "authentication": {
    "method": "POST",
    "url": "",
    "params": {
            "id"                    : "8646a7a029974fa99995fec00340a507",
            "challenge_id"          : "ch_xyz",
            "auth_method"           : "OTP",
            "card_isin"             : "424242",
            "card_issuer_bank_name" : "AXIS BANK LTD",
            "times_otp_sent"        : 2,
            "max_otp_send_limit"    : 4,
            "current_attempt"       : 1,
            "max_attempts"          : 4,
  "status": "Invalid Request",
  "error_code": "max_limit_exceeded",
  "error_message": "Max OTP send limit exceeded."
Response ParamsValuesDescription
order_idstringOrderID for which the payment is being started.
txn_idstringTransaction ID for the payment attempt.
statusstringStatus of the transaction. PENDING_VBV indicates that the transaction requires authentication to complete. Please do not validate this at your end.
paymentstringContains the payment authentication details.
authenticationstringContains the authentication details.
methodstringHTTP Method for authentication. Can be one of GET or POST
urlstringURL to which the user has to be taken to for completing the authentication
paramsobjectPresent only when method is POST. Parameter map that has to be sent along with the URL for authentication.
idstringUnique id generated for the transaction.
challenge_idstringAuthentication id generated against the transaction for a given order.
auth_methodstringAuthentication method used. In this case it’s ‘OTP’
card_isinstringCard first 6 digit.
card_issuer_bank_namestringIssuer name of the card used for transaction.
times_otp_sentstringNumber of times otp sent.
max_otp_send_limitstringMaximum limit for sending otp.
current_attemptstringCurrent attempt for OTP validation.
max_attemptsstringMaximum number of time OTP validation can be done for a given transaction.