Test Resources

Test resources

Test Cards

As soon as you sign up with JusPay, we set you up with a Dummy PG automatically. Using this Dummy PG, you can run test transactions with a pre-configured set of cards. You may also configure the test credentials of the gateway and use the respective test cards for completing the transaction journey.

PGCard BrandCard NumberCard ExpiryCard CVVOTP
DUMMYVISA4242 4242 4242 4242Any Future expiry123-
BILLDESKVISA4242 4200 0000 123409/23123-
BILLDESKMASTERCARD5252 5211 1111 111712/29123123456
CYBERSOURCEVISA4000 0000 0000 0002Any Future expiryAny Cvv-
CYBERSOURCEVISA4622 9431 2701 3705Any Future expiryAny Cvv-
CYBERSOURCEMASTERCARD5555 5555 5555 4444Any Future expiryAny Cvv-
HDFCVISA4012 0010 3714 111212/22123123456
GOCASHFREEVISA4706 1312 1121 212307/23123-
GOCASHFREEVISA4576 2389 1277 145007/23123-
GOCASHFREERUPAY6074 8259 7208 381807/24752
GOCASHFREERUPAY6074 8281 6336 959004/25842
PAYTMVISA4111 1111 1111 111112/32123-
PAYUVISA4012 0010 3714 1112Any Future expiry123123456
PAYUMASTERCARD5123 4567 8901 2346Any Future expiry123123456
PAYUMASTERCARD5497 7744 1517 0603Any Future expiry412123456
PINELABSVISA4012 0010 3714 1112Any Future expiryAny CVV-
RAZORPAYVISA4012 8888 8888 1881Any Future expiry Any CVV-
RAZORPAYVISA5104 0600 0000 0008Any Future expiryAny CVV-
RAZORPAYMASTERCARD5555 5555 5555 4444Any Future expiryAny CVV-
RAZORPAYMASTERCARD5105 1051 0510 5100Any Future expiryAny CVV-

Test Netbanking

Most of the PG's provide a simulator page on choosing any net banking options where the transaction can be marked success/ failure accordingly.

Test UPI

BILLDESK[email protected]-
GOCASHFREE[email protected]Success
GOCASHFREE[email protected]Failure
PAYU[email protected]-
PAYU[email protected]-
PAYTM[email protected]-
RAZORPAY[email protected]Success
RAZORPAY[email protected]Failure

Note: In case of Billdesk, Once the above mentioned VPA is entered, you would have to get the EPG txn id from juspay dashboard for that particular transaction and append it to the below URL
Eg: If transactionid is U7890123456789, then https://pguatweb.billdesk.io/pgtxnsimulator/banksimulator/upi/U7890123456789. This is required for simulating the UPI PSP mobile App authorisation.