Setup Juspay Account

Create your Juspay Merchant Account

Before you can do anything with Juspay, you will have to get an account created with us. If you have not done this already, please reach out to [email protected]

Once the account is created Juspay would provide you access to the dashboard using which you can set up your PG configurations, routing logic, creation of users etc.

Once you log-in to the dashboard, you will land on our Onboarding Assistant. This tool has a series of steps that needs to be completed for the integration to be successful.

Request you to please follow each and every step that is mentioned for smooth integration.

Creating API Key

An api_key is secret information that helps us to authenticate all your requests to our servers. The API key can be generated from dashboard by going to Settings-->Security-->API Keys-->Create API key (

Please refrain from sharing api_key to anyone. Please do not share with Juspay over any medium as well.

The api_key is a 32 character alpha numeric string like this: 782CB4B3F5B84BDDB3C9EAFA6A134DC3
The Basic Auth of Base 64 encoded value of API key is used for Authentication.