SI on cards

Standing Instructions can be set up on Credit and Debit Cards. Customers can manage Standing Instructions on their respective bank’s websites.

As per RBI guidelines, post 30th September 2021, all card mandates require a notification to be sent before execution. The notification will be sent by the issuing bank along with a link which shows details of the mandate such as Mandate Start Date, End Date, Frequency and Max Amount. Users can cancel the mandate or modify the Max Amount and End Date on the link.

Mandate Amount Limit
RBI has set a limit of 15,000 INR for merchants to auto-debit customers without 2FA. For transactions where the recurring amount is greater than 2FA, customers have to approve on the link sent in the notification. For this amount, successful debit will only happen if the link sent in notification is approved by the customer. To improve the SR for transactions above 15,000 INR, it would be advised to educate users on this flow.

As per RBI guidelines, we cannot store card details, hence all the card details on which the mandate is setup will be tokenized either by Juspay or PG.

To reduce merchant ops, we have added a feature wherein instead of calling Notification and Execution API, merchants can call only Execution API 24 hrs before execution and Juspay will handle both Notification and Execution. To enable this feature, check with your BD SPOC.