RBI Notification on Card and UPI Subscriptions

(i) As per RBI Notification 24 hour pre-debit notification is mandatory for all recurring payments.

(ii) RBI guidelines Card-on-File Tokenisation has an impact on Card Subscriptions post Dec 31, 2021. The Subscription sign up on Saved Cards is expected to be impacted. Juspay is an authorised Token Requestor as per RBI guidelines and working with Payments industry stakeholders in ensuring seamless Card Subscription Payments.


Subscriptions allows your business to charge customers on a recurring basis for the product/services offered. The subscription sign up flow will require the user to provide consent for the subscription and complete a one-time payment. The recurring payments may be initiated using Juspay APIs as a fixed/ non-fixed intervals based on your business use case.

With Juspay Payment Page and Subscription Module your business will get the benefit of,

  • Prebuilt support for subscription experience with all payment methods
  • RBI compliant subscription processing with user consent and automated pre-debit user notifications
  • Provide the optimal subscription signup experience based on your business and customer needs.
  • Easy operations for executing recurring payments with few clicks on the Juspay Dashboard
  • Analytics suite for monitoring performance of Subscription Signup and Renewals

Payment Flows

The Juspay Payment Page supports Subscriptions on below payment methods:

  • Cards (Subcription payments with new cards and saved cards)
  • Netbanking (eNach and eMandate)
  • UPI Autopay (via UPI Collect and UPI Intent)
  • Wallets (only Paytm)

User journey for UPI Collect Autopay

User journey for UPI Intent Autopay

Subscription Signup Experience

Juspay Payment page provides a range of subscription signup experiences which can be invoked based on your business needs

Subscription-only user journey:
The user will be presented with only the subscription eligible payment methods. The payment details entered by the user will be validated for eligibility for recurring payment. In other words, one-time payment methods will not be allowed.


Subscription-enabled user journey:
The user will be presented all payment methods (including subscription eligible and subscription ineligible payment methods. If the user provides consent, the payment will be processed for subscription. In other words, the user get the choice to subscribe or perform one-time payment.


Subscription Analytics module allows you to track Subscription Signup Rates, Recurring Payment Success Rates and many more metrics across multiple payment methods, payment providers and 15+ rich dimensions.


Juspay Dashboard

Manage Payment Processors for Subscriptions: Manage multiple payment processors to route your subscription payments with a few clicks.

Bulk processing recurring payments: Easily execute recurring payments by uploading files on the Juspay Dashboard. This will eliminate the need for an API integration with Juspay Dashboard.

Payment Processors supported

While we are constantly striving to expand the coverage of Subscriptions with more payment processors, below is the list of supported payment processors

Payment FlowSupported Payment Processors
Card SubscriptionsBilldesk, Paytm, PayU, Razorpay
UPI AutopayPaytm, Axis Bank UPI, Yes Bank, ICICI UPI, Razorpay, PayU, Camspay, Cashfree
(authentication based on Netbanking login, Debit Card and Aadhar)
TPSL (Ingenico), Razorpay, PayU
eMandateTPSL (Ingenico), Razorpay, PayU