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UPI Autopay

What is Autopay ?

NPCI has launched UPI Autopay allowing merchants to create mandates for their subscription-based products. Merchants can create and send these mandates to their end customers, who will have to authorize the payment through a PSP of their choice.

Once approved, the amount will be auto-debited from their account. For the customer, the process of setting up a UPI Autopay is very similar to making a regular UPI payment. Most importantly, the framework gives the customer full control and transparency over their recurring payments, thus instilling confidence for wider adoption.

Why is UPI Autopay a game changer?

UPI Autopay is a game-changer and is all set for massive adoption, much like regular UPI payments. The key reasons being:

Superior User Experience

Very similar to a regular UPI payment. Key in your UPI PIN and you are done! The entire experience is much more superior to the existing options. The activation is also instantaneous, unlike the existing mandate methods.


Frequency, amount (fixed or max) & period of the mandate are made very clear to customers while setting up the mandate. All recurring debits will be executed only after giving the customer a heads up via PUSH notification on the UPI app of their choice 24 hours prior to the execution.

Consolidated view

All mandates against a customer can be checked out at one single place. Your customer will have the option to pause and resume a mandate as per their usage patterns.

Supported Use Cases

Visit here for API References.

Why Juspay ?

Full-stack solution - Juspay powers the UPI stack for Axis Bank, with direct connectivity to NPCI. This provides Juspay with better control, visibility, reliability and conversions for UPI payments

Deeper Understanding - Juspay’s UPI PSP stack also powers the Payer (Consumer) flows for Merchants like Amazon Pay, which gives us a 360° view of the UPI Autopay flows.

Conversion Optimisation - Focusing on user experience and improving payment ops, we strive to provide the industry best success rates for onboarding and recurring debits.

Multiple Acquirers - Leverage the innovation and optimisations brought about by various acquirers, as the UPI Autopay product and ecosystem evolves.

Support for Multiple Gateways - Having worked with multiple gateways over the years in our joint pursuit of improving success rates, we have developed an ecosystem of mutual trust and support


Mandate registration Flow - UPI Collect

Mandate registration Flow - UPI Intent

Mandate Recurring Flow

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