UPI AutoPay

UPI AutoPay

NPCI launched UPI Autopay in July 2020. UPI autopay can be set on all the major UPI apps - GooglePay, PhonePe, BHIM, Paytm. UPI autopay gives flexibility and better visibility to users. Customers can manage their mandates on respective PSP apps.

All UPI autopay recurring payments require a notification to be sent, at least 24 hours prior to the execution time. Notification will be sent by the respective issuing bank of the customer and in some cases, by the PSP app itself. Only if the notification is successful, execution can be attempted. In case of a successful notification and a failed execution, merchants can retry execution upto 9 times.

Mandate Amount Limit
RBI has restricted a limit on UPI autopay with no 2FA to 15,000 INR. If the mandate recurring amount is above INR 15,000 INR, a 2FA is required. When the mandate is executed, the user gets a collect request on his UPI app where the mandate is set up. For successful recurring debit of an amount greater than 15,000 INR, the user has to approve the collect request which will be available for 5 mins. To improve the SR for transactions above 15,000 INR, it would be advised to educate users on this flow.

To reduce merchant ops, we have added a feature wherein instead of calling Notification and Execution API, merchants can call only Execution API 24 hrs before execution and Juspay will handle both Notification and Execution. To enable this feature, check with your BD SPOC.

Check out this link for all available PSPs for UPI Autopay