Transaction Status

NEW10Newly created order
PENDING_VBV23Authentication is in progress
CHARGED21Successful transaction
AUTHENTICATION_FAILED26User did not complete authentication
AUTHORIZATION_FAILED27User completed authentication, but bank refused the transaction
JUSPAY_DECLINED22Input is not accepted by Juspay /underlying PG
AUTHORIZING28Transaction status is pending from bank

Mandate Status

CREATEDAwaiting for status from PG.
ACTIVEMandate is set and in active state. (Terminal state)
PAUSEDMandate is paused by payer.
REVOKEDMandate is canceled/revoked. (Terminal state)
FAILUREMandate was not able to set. (Terminal state)
EXPIREDMandate is expired. (Terminal state)

Notification Status

CREATEDNotification Created in Juspay System
PENDINGAwaiting the notification status from Payment Gateway
SUCCESSNotification Success from Payment Gateway
FAILURENotification Failed from Payment Gateway