Get Mandate Order Status

This is the same API used to check order status. It can also be used to fetch the status of a mandate.

NEW10Newly created order.
PENDING_VBV23Authentication is in progress. The customer has to approve the mandate through the PSP App of their choice.
CHARGED21Successful transaction. The subscription cost of the period has been charged.
AUTHENTICATION_FAILED26User did not complete authentication.
AUTHORIZATION_FAILED27User completed authentication, but the bank refused the transaction.
JUSPAY_DECLINED22User input is not accepted by the underlying PG.
AUTHORIZING28Transaction status is pending from bank.

Response Parameters:

merchant_idStringUnique identifier for the merchant.
order_idStringUnique Identifier for the order.
idStringUnique ID generated by Juspay for the given order.
customer_idStringCustomer Identifier against which a mandate should be created. This has to be unique for a customer
customer_emailStringEmail address of the customer.
customer_phoneStringMobile number or fixed line number of the customer.
product_idStringAn identifier for the product on the Lender side for which the payment is being done. This field is just echoed back in the response so that Lender can differentiate on their side.
statusStringStatus of the order. If you receive “NEW”, then the order is successfully created.

See Appendix for status mapping.
status_idStatus ID is a numeric id corresponding to the status value.
amountdoubleThis is the amount that a customer will be charged in this transaction.
currencyStringISO string of the currency.
refundedBooleanBoolean value that determines if the amount was refunded or not.
amount_refundedStringThe amount that was refunded
date_createdStringDate-time of mandate order creation
return_urlStringA fully qualified URL such as to which the customer will be redirected after payment completion.
payment_linksObjectContains 3 strings that link to a Desktop optimized, Mobile optimized as well as iFrame checkout screen for the given order.
txn_idStringTransaction ID
txn_uuidStringTransaction UUID
gateway_idUnique identifier for your preferred gateway.
bank_error_codeStringBank Error Code
bank_error_messageStringBank Error Message
payment_method_typeStringPayment method type used at the time of creating a mandate
payment_methodStringPayment method used at the time of creating a mandate
payer_vpaStringPayer VPA used during setting up mandate
auth_typeStringType of authentication used

Mandate Block

mandate_idStringMandate id sent by Juspay after mandate creation
mandate_tokenStringMandate token sent by Juspay after mandate creation
mandate_statusStringStatus of the Mandate. Will be ACTIVE if the mandate is successfully setup
mandate_typeStringType of Mandate. Example: EMANDATE
start_dateStringMandate start date. The value that is passed during order creation
end_dateStringMandate end data.The value that is passed during order creation
revokable_by_customerBooleanMandate revocable by customer
block_fundStringMandate block fund
max_amountNumberMandate max amount
amount_ruleStringAmount rule
frequencyStringMandate frequency
rule_typeStringRule Type
rule_valueStringRule value
bank_detailsObjectThis block will be available for only for mandate_type = EMANDATE mandate flows

bank_details block

beneficiary_nameStringAccount holder name
account_numberStringBank account number
bank_nameStringBank name
ifscStringIFSC Code of the bank
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