List stored cards

List all the cards stored for a customer. This API gives back only tokens and other metadata relevant to the cards stored in JusPay Locker.

Response Parameters

customer_idStringCustomer Id given in the request
merchantIdStringMerchant id associated with Juspay
cardsStringArray of stored cards that belongs to the given user represented by the Customer ID. Each member of the array is an associative array that represents a stored card of the user.
card_tokenStringToken representing the card. Payment has to be initiated using this token. Tokens are by definition short lived and so, please do not cache them in your system. Expired tokens will lead to transactions being declined.
card_referenceStringA reference identifier that doesn’t change for the stored card. Use this identifier to store any metadata that you wish. For example, you can store card type or card bin or even transaction data using this reference
card_fingerprintStringA string that uniquely identifies the card across the board. When the same card is stored across multiple accounts, same fingerprint will be returned. This can be used to identify duplicates.
card_numberStringMasked card number that can be displayed to the customer.
card_isinStringFirst 6 digits of the card
card_expiry_yearStringYear of expiry of the card
card_exp_monthStringMonth of expiry of the card
card_typeStringIndicates if the card is either CREDIT or DEBIT. Please note that this information is inferred. Not all cards will have this information.
card_issuerStringIndicates the bank which issued the card. This again is not available all the time. We make our best effort to get this information for all cards.
card_brandStringIndicates the name of the card switch provider.Please note that this information is inferred
name_on_cardStringCardholder name given while storing the card
nicknameStringReturns the given nickname while storing the card
expiredStringIndicates whether the stored card is expired or not
atm_pin_auth_supportBooleanIndicates if the card is eligible for ATM PIN payments.
cvv_less_supportBooleanIndicates if the tokenised card is eligible for cvv-less payments. Merchants can stop collecting the CVV value for eligible tokens. This will be present inside token block
cvv_less_supported_gatewaysArrayList of gateways which are available for cvv-less token transactions. Juspay's dynamic routing will be applied among these gateways. Alternatively, a Gateway ID pertaining to one of the listed gateways can be passed in Create Order API to force route the transaction. This will be present inside token block


CVV Less Payments

Cvv Less payments are supported on select networks and PGs, and more will be enabled automatically as and when they become available. Refer for more details

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