Mandate Registration API

Use this API to choose the preferred mode of payment for the mandate. Supported Payment Methods include UPI, Card, Wallet and Net banking. The same API will also validate the payment method specific data like UPI VPA etc.

Share the URL that you get in the response body with your end customer, for whom this mandate is being initiated. They will have to run the same to authorize the collect request from their UPI App.

Response Parameters:

In the redirect response, webhook and check status API, mandate data will be passed additionally from the current parameters.

order_idStringUnique Identifier for the order.
txn_idStringTransaction ID for the payment attempt.
statusStringStatus of the transaction. PENDING_VBV indicates that the transaction requires authentication to complete.
payment.authentication.methodStringHTTP Method for authentication. Can be one of GET or POST
payment.authentication.urlStringURL to which the user has to be taken to for completing the authentication
payment.authentication.paramsStringPresent only when the method is POST. Parameter map that has to be sent along with the URL for authentication. Do not hardcode the params in your client * Never assume that you will receive param “x” or param “y”. This is completely dynamic and will vary on a case by case basis.
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