Mandate Retry

To improve Mandate recurring payments Success Rates, we have introduced Mandate Retry feature.

Mandate Retry will be attempted on both Business and Technical Failure cases, wherever applicable. In cases where Juspay handles notification, retries will be automatically applied on notification failures.

All the mandate retries will be attempted on the same day. Merchants can set the retry attempts and retry intervals on Juspay Dashboard.

Here are few examples on Mandate Retry and Non retriable cases

Business Failure Retry :

  1. Your payment has been declined by your bank. Please try again or use a different method to complete the payment.
  2. Your payment has been declined by your bank. Please contact your bank for any queries. If money has been deducted from your account, your bank will inform us within 48 hrs and we will refund the same
  3. Bank denied transaction on the card.

Technical Failure Retry :

  1. The gateway request to submit payment information timed out. Please submit your details again
  2. Payment processing failed due to error at bank or wallet gateway
  3. No active pg found

Revokable ErrorMessages:

  1. The card associated with subscription has expired.
  2. Subscription has been already cancelled.
  3. Token has expired and cannot be used for recurring payments

Non-Retriable Business Failures :

  1. Card has been classified as lost and has been blocked.
  2. The account against which the payment was made has insufficient funds.

Kindly reach out to your Business SPOC to get this feature enabled.