Notification API

Notification API need to be triggered only for UPI autopay and Card Mandates. This API is required if mandate notification is handled at merchants end. This sends a notification to the customer before the mandate transaction is exercised. A notification has to be sent to the user 24 hours before the execution of the mandate. This API is called using the mandate_id generated while creation of mandate. In case of Razorpay and Gocashfree the notification is taken care at PG end.



Length upto 25 and alphanumeric characters are only accepted.

Response Parameters:

idStringUnique identifier provided by Juspay
source_objectStringSource object for notification. i.e. “Mandate”
object_reference_idStringUnique Identifier passed in the request.
I.e. 1234578
provider_nameStringName of the provider. Gateway name in this case
notification_typeStringType of notification.
I.e. “SMS”
source_infoJsonJson block of source info provided in the request
provider_responseJsonJson block of response from gateway
mandateJsonJson block for Mandate ID provided in the request:
descriptionStringReason for debit passed in the request
statusStringStatus of Notification
CREATED- Created and not yet initiated to gateway
PENDING- Initiated to gateway
SUCCESS- Success from gateway
FAILURE- Failed from gateway
date_createdStringDate-time of notification created in UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone) format
last_updatedStringDate-time of notification updated in UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone) format
metadataStringMetadata passed in the request

Mandate JSON block:

mandate_idStringMandate id provided in the request

Source_info JSON block:

amountStringAmount passed in the request.
I.e. 100.00
txn_dateStringtxn_date passed in the request.
Format: UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone).
I.e. 1634057114
mandate.display_invoice_numberStringThe display invoice number that is passed in the request.

Provider_response JSON block:

provider_ref_idStringReference Number provided by downstream gateway.
notification_dateStringDate on which notification has been sent by downstream gateway.
Format: UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone).
I.e. 1634057114
Specific to PAYTM_V2
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