Notification Status API

Merchants can call notification status API to check whether a notification has been sent to a customer or not.

Response Parameters:

idStringUnique identifier provided by Juspay
source_objectStringSource object for notification. i.e. “Mandate”
source_object_idStringSource object for notification.
Mandate_id in this case
object_reference_idStringUnique Identifier passed in the request.
I.e. 1234578
provider_nameStringName of the provider. Gateway name in this case
notification_typeStringType of notification.
I.e. “SMS”
source_infoJSONJson block of source info provided in the request
provider_responseJSONJson block of response from gateway, will include response code and message from Gateway
mandateJSONJson block for Mandate ID provided in the request:
descriptionStringReason for debit passed in the request
statusStringStatus of Notification :
CREATED- Created and not yet initiated to gateway
PENDING- Initiated to gateway
SUCCESS- Success from gateway
FAILURE- Failed from gateway
date_createdStringDate-time of notification created in UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone) format
last_updatedStringDate-time of notification updated in UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone) format
metadataStringMetadata passed in the request

Mandate JSON block:

mandate_idStringMandate id provided in the Notification API

Source_info JSON Block:

amountStringAmount passed in the request
I.e. 100.00
txn_dateStringtxn_date passed in the notification request.
Format: UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone).
I.e. 1634057114
mandate.display_invoice_numberStringThe invoice display number passed during notification API

Provider_response JSON block:

provider_ref_idStringReference Number provided by downstream gateway
notification_dateStringDate on which notification has been sent by downstream gateway.
Format: UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone).
I.e. 1634057114
Specific to PAYTM_V2
provider_response_codeStringCode of the response provided by the PG
provider_response_messageStringResponse provided by PG for Notification
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