Payment Methods

Gives list of all the payment methods available for your account.


Outage Information

The outage basically functions based on a score at each payment method level. We maintain this score from for all Merchant- Payment method combinations. For each transaction created, we penalise this score by a small amount and if the transaction is successful (CHARGED or AUTHORIZED), then we add to this score so as to reward the Merchant <> Payment method.

We have 2 outage statuses: FLUCTUATE and DOWN and we assign these once the score falls below a certain threshold at our end. There is a soft reset from time to time to check the health where we allow a few transactions to go through, based on which we decide whether the Merchant <> Payment method combination is back UP (no outage being faced).

Apart from this, we reset the overall score at a pre-defined interval as well.
These thresholds can be customised based on merchant requirements.

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