Response in Return URL

Existing details about the parameters that will be posted to returnUrl can be seen here:

In addition to this, there will be 3 extra parameters.

  • mandate_id - This is a reference Id which needs to be passed by merchant in Notification API and Mandate Execution API for recurring transactions.

  • mandate_token - Merchants who have implemented Mandate token as reference id are suggested to use mandate_id since Notification API supports only mandate_id.
    Note: Mandate Execution API supports both mandate_id and mandate_token.

  • mandate_status - Based on the authenticated transaction status, this status can be ACTIVE, FAILURE, CREATED.

Transaction statusMandate statusRemark
PENDING_VBVCREATEDAwaiting for status from PG. This can either move to any of the below 4 status
AUTHORIZINGCREATEDPending - awaiting for terminal state
CHARGEDACTIVETransaction is success and the Mandate is set ACTIVE. Recurring debits can only be attempted if Mandate is ACTIVE
AUTHORIZATION_FAILEDFAILUREUser completed authentication, but the bank refused the transaction
AUTHENTICATION_FAILEDFAILUREUser drop off or not initiated

Sample Response

The mandate details will also be provided in order status API and webhook.