Split Settlement will help a merchant to distribute the order amount into multiple settlement accounts at the gateway end. The use cases may be as below -

  • Splitting the final amount into multiple accounts as per different Line of Businesses. Ex - If a merchant is selling multiple verticals (groceries, apparel, electronics etc) on its website, the merchant can split the final order amount as per the verticals involved and settle into multiple accounts at the gateway end.

  • In a marketplace model, a merchant may keep its commission and settle the remaining amount directly to sub-vendors using this feature.

Checks to be kept in mind before initiating Split Settlement

  • Sum of split amounts passed in the request parameters and marketplace commission should be equal to the order amount. This is because different gateways have different implementations.

  • While initiating a refund, the refund amount should be less than or equal to the amount settled in that sub account ID.