SDK - Release Notes

If you are using an older version of the Android/ iOS Hyper SDK for Express Checkout or Juspay Safe, please upgrade to the latest version to take advantage of new functionality and security upgrades.

Android - Release Notes

Version 2.0.3-rc.78

Dated: 29-Sep-2021

  • Fix for Juspay Safe failing to load fragment, when multiple processes are run on the same instance
  • Removed onWebViewReady from HyperPaymentsCallback
  • Removal of unused network_security_config.xml
  • Process queuing logic, now supports more than one process.
  • Removed SMS permission from SDK manifest (This must be added manually)
  • Removed setRequestedOrientation from initiate. SDK will now use same orientation as the merchant app. Earlier sdk used to force the app to portrait on initiate
  • Improvements in SDK side Analytics

Version 2.0.3-rc.03

Dated: 22-June 2021

  • Improvement in speed of file downloads in the sdk.
  • Removal of non critical error logs, which were interpreted as errors during integration of the sdk.

Version 2.0.2-rc.83

Dated: 20-May 2021

  • Added new payment instruments cred pay, paytm all in one sdk.

Version 2.0.2-rc.67 [Important]

Dated: 26-April 2021

  • Android 11 ready version of Hyper SDK
  • Due to recent changes implement in Android 11 by Google, our merchant partners upgrading to API Level 30 were unable to fetch UPI app info from the user device. The relevant manifest file changes are added on this SDK version for eliminating this problem.

iOS - Release Notes

Version 2.1.4

Dated: 04-January 2022

  • Updated JuspaySafeBrowser version to 0.1.73 to fix Unit testing timeout issue in Xcode 13.

Version 2.1.3

Dated: 30-December 2021

  • Removed direct imports of third party SDKs (CommonLibrary, VBA and SimplFingerPrint) and made it optional.

Version 2.1.1

Dated: 17-December 2021

  • Added a delegate function to access JuspaySafe webview.
  • Bug fix in setting HyperDelegate.
  • Storing SDK related data in encrypted format in UserDefaults.

Version 2.1.0

Dated: 03-December 2021

  • Removing UI on terminate function call
  • Added support to use scope & environment options in MerchantConfig.txt

Version 2.0.92

Dated: 10-October 2021

  • Automatically adding the queries schemes and URL schemes in plist files for UPI intents, Amazonpay & CRED Pay

Version 2.0.89

Dated: 01-October 2021

  • Added support for Xcode 13 - iOS 15
  • Bug fix in JuspaySafe navigation bar
  • Enabled Simpl wallet

Version 2.0.82

Dated: 25-August 2021

  • Bug fix in Amazonpay wallet linking

Version 2.0.78

Dated: 18-August 2021

  • Added support for special characters in payload

Version 2.0.76

Dated: 15-August 2021

  • Supporting terminate followed by initiate on same hyper instance
  • Throwing error for multiple initiate calls
  • Made navigation controller optional for base view controller
  • Bug fix in inInitialised API

Version 2.0.73

Dated: 30-July 2021

  • Added dynamic assets support
  • UI related bug fixes (gradient, htmlText & translation)
  • Bug fix for JuspaySafeBrowser's duplicate class warnings
  • Bug fix for Apple's UIWebView usage warnings

Version 2.0.57

Dated: 02-July 2021

  • Bug fix for postData in startJuspaySafe
  • VBA SDK crash fix

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