Directly debit the amount from a Wallet that is linked to a Customer’s account. If the status in the response is CHARGED, then the payment is immediatley successful. If the status in the response is PENDING, then the user wallet doesn’t have sufficient balance for the payment and the topup URL is returned in the response

Note: This is an authenticated call unlike other transaction APIs. This API must be invoked from your server directly. DO NOT send the API Key to client.

MOBIKWIKMobiKwik Wallet
FREECHARGEFreeCharge wallet
OLAMONEYOla Money wallet


When you get GET as the authentication method in the response, you may load the URL directly into the customer’s browser. You can easily achieve this by send HTTP 302 from your server. However, if the API call was made from the browser, then you can utilize the code snippet provided.

<!-- Example for handling GET response -->
<script type="text/javascript">
 // assuming that you are passing the JSON response of /txns API directly here
 function handleJuspayGetResponse(juspayResponse) {
   window.location.href = juspayResponse.payment.authentication.url
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