Check Eligibility

This API will check whether the card bin provided supports direct OTP flow.

Note 1:
This API is the same as the Card Info API, except that this API does only one eligibility check.
Note 2:
See the Check Eligibility page in the API Reference section for an official description of this API.


The request for the Check Eligibility API consists of one Path parameter:   card_bin,  and two Query parameters:  merchant_id, and  options.check_direct_otp_support.
PATH*card_binStringFirst 6 digits of the card number
QUERY*merchant_idStringMerchant ID which represents the merchant storing the card
QUERY*options.check_direct_otp_supportBooleanThis is a boolean variable and accepts true/false. If set to true, then the card eligibility check for OTP payments will be done.

    * = Required


curl -X GET


The response for the Check Eligibility API consists of the following parameters:
idStringID code for the card
objectStringMust be "cardbin"
brandStringBrand of card (MASTERCARD, VISA, etc.)
bankStringCode for bank that issued the card
countryStringCountry where card originated
typeStringCREDIT or DEBIT
direct_otp_supportBooleanVerification on card eligibility check for OTP payments (true/false)


    "id": "524368",
    "object": "cardbin",
    "brand": "Master Card",
    "bank": "HDFC Bank",
    "type": "CREDIT",
    "direct_otp_support": true
  "status": "invalid_request_error",
  "error_code": "invalid"
  "status": "error",
  "error_code": "access_denied",
  "error_message": "Invalid Authentication"

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