Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Juspay Payout Advantages

At first glance, our service may seem like a simple API layer for conducting transfers. The exposed APIs are just 2 in number. Yet, there are significant advantages to using Juspay’s system, as most of the heavy-lifting is done under the hood. We have listed here the key advantages that you will derive from our system.

High Availability

We take uptime very seriously. Our SLAs are unmatched in the industry and significantly better than that of Banks (actual service providers). We achieve high availability by implementing several measures some of the notable ones being:

  1. Actively eliminating SPOF at all levels in our application architecture
  2. As we are hosted on the cloud, scaling is elastic in nature & hence we are resilient to hardware
  3. The database is implemented with real-time replication and failover is automatic
  4. By implementing Active-Active (PR - DR) system, we don’t incur the penalty of having to switch
    Data centres such as that of Banks.

Work with multiple Banks in the backend

Juspay enables you to work with multiple Banks in the backend under a single integration. This provides redundancy in case of downtime with one of the Banks. This avoids any service disruption for you & helps increase overall SR of the system. In other words, Juspay shields you from the shocks introduced by the individual service provider systems.


The added advantage of such an architecture is also that as Juspay provides support for more Banks in the backend, the client gets access to such Banks.

Dynamic Routing

Juspay provides a system for configuring the overall routing logic. This logic serves as the cornerstone for deciding the routing option for the transaction. The logic is specified in Javascript which most developers are familiar with. All the transaction details are fed as input to the function. This includes:
● Beneficiary details (card number, bank, bin)
● Transaction details (amount, udfs)
Along with these details, the runtime provides access to time information, using which A/B can be implemented as well.

Juspay’s Intelligent Implementation

Juspay has gained plenty of understanding of the underlying systems. We have developed a logic that also takes into account the behaviours of the card-issuing systems. The following are some of the strategies that enable us to achieve great success:

  • Optimized Routing for a Greater success rate
    Based on our current experience, we set up your routing logic for the maximum success rate. This enables you to start with a very high success rate from Day 1.
  • Intelligent Scheduling
    Bank systems are busy during particular windows. We recognize such windows and appropriately delay the Payment API invocation when no other routing option is available for the said transaction.
  • Intelligent Retry
    While the errors may be quite low (<1%), it is essential to cater to this due to the sensitive nature of the payment. We use a persistent workflow implementation to retry the payments via the same/different routing option. The routing option at subsequent retries is chosen depending on the health of the primary option and the availability of other options for the said transaction. Juspay will make attempts for a given number of times before giving up and marking the transaction as a permanent failure.
  • Continuous Learning
    Our system continuously sends telemetry information to our monitoring systems. We look at both short term and long term data to derive insights from them. This acts as a feedback loop for ensuring continued success.

Analytics & Reporting

Juspay uses streaming replication to send OLTP data to the OLAP system. This makes the data available for analysis within a few minutes of the actual occurrence, thus providing us with the ability to run aggregates almost realtime.
Besides daily MIS, we also support custom reports. These reports will be sent to the designated email addresses from this system on a periodic basis. We can also tailor the reports to be in a machine-readable format which will enable you to import the data into your system directly.


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