Open Credit Enablement Network APIs

All APIs used for Open Credit Enablement Network transactions are listed here:

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These APIs are listed according to to the sequence shown on the Flow Diagram page, which is a typical API flow sequence used for creating and processing a loan:

A description for each section in the flow sequence can be found on the App Flow page.

    Loan Applications APIs - Invoked by LSP to create a loanApplication for borrower for every eligible invoice with each lender. All available data on the borrower is sent. Consent APIs+952 - Process where lenders judge all the loanApplications submitted by LSP on behalf of the borrower. Fetches bank account statements, GST historical data after checking with the AA Offers APIs - LSP sends request to lender to analyze the data (GSTN, bank account statements, basic profile information, etc.), and create loanOffers. Once the borrower chooses an offer, LSP informs lender with "Set Offer Request" API. Loan Acceptance Request APIs - Sent by LSP when the user agrees to the terms of the agreement. Disbursement APIs (part 1) - Borrower selects disbursement plan and disbursement account
      Repayment APIs (part 1) - Borrower selects one of the repayment plans sent by lender
        Consent APIs - Process where lenders approve/disapprove repayment plan, disbursement plan, and disbursement account submitted by LSP on behalf of the borrower after checking with the AA
          Grant Loan APIs (part 1) - LSP submits the completed loanApplication on behalf of the borrower to the lender. Lender makes last minute check via Consent APIs to approve and create loan.
            Disbursement APIs (part 2) - LSP requests the lender to disburse funds to the borrower.
              Repayment APIs (part 2) - LSP sends requests on behalf of the borrower to inform the lender to trigger repayment, and then confirm. Borrower should ensure sufficient funds are present in his bank account on the due date.

              Other OCEN APIs (used for requesting loan information and dispute management)

              Grant Loan APIs (part 2) - Other APIs invoked by the LSP to get a summary of the loan as of the current date, details of loan, account statement for the loan for a specified period, and the list of loans for the borrower.

                Loan Dispute Management APIs - Sent by LSP to create a dispute in the lender system for an issue that is faced by the borrower.
                  Meta APIs - "Heartbeat" API is used by the LSP to check if the lender system is up and running

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