Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Payment Management

Payment Management Page will have the following features:

  • Saved Card deletion
  • Wallet linking
  • Wallet de-linking
  • Saved VPA deletion

Payment Management Payload Parameters:

The payload passed to the SDK during Process SDK call when action=“paymentManagement” shall contain only the parameters listed below . Please note that these parameters shall be sufficient to initiate all payment management operations.

action*StringPass "paymentManagement" to start the payment management interface.wwwwwwww
clientId*StringClientId is a concatenated string in the format: merchantId_platform
eg: flipkart_android, flipkart_web
  "{param1, param2, ...}"
JSON Stringified signaturePayload object
Open table below to list parameters:
 signaturePayload Parameters:
  merchant_idnnnt* wwStringwww
Unique MerchantId shared during the on-boarding.
  customer_idnwnn* wwString
Uniquely identifies the customer. It is the ID with which merchant refers to a customer object.
  mobile_number t * wwString
Mobile number of the customer.
  email_addressnnn* wwString
Email address of the customer.
Customer’s first name.
Customer’s last name.
  timestampnnnnntn* wwString
Time at which the session is started
(Epoch Unix timestamp in milliseconds).
merchantKeyId*StringUnique identifier for the Signature that will be provided by Juspay after the merchants  shares the public key. Please refer to Generating the Signature for instructions.
environment*StringEnvironment to be used in the session. Accepted values are “sandbox” or “production“production”
* = Required
      "signaturePayload":"{\"merchant_id\":\"idea_preprod\",\"customer_id\":\"1234567890\",\"mobile_number\":\"9234567890\",\"email_address\":\"[email protected]\",\"timestamp\":\"1571922200845\"}",
      \"merchant_id\": \"idea_preprod\",
      \"customer_id\": \"1234567890\",
      \"mobile_number\": \"9234567890\",
      \"email_address\": \"[email protected]\",
      \"timestamp\": \"1571922200845\"