Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

This API should be triggered for all operations required from the HyperSDK. This API can be triggered any number of times based on requirements or app flow structure.

It should not be called on an HyperSDK instance which has not been initiated. To verify if an instance is initiated, kindly refer to check SDK initiated in code.

Typical operations performed by a Process API call:

  • Displaying payment options on your payment page.
  • Performing a transaction.
  • User’s payment profile management.
  • Opening Juspay SAFE browser (if using the Juspay SAFE module of Hyper SDK).
  • Opening Payment Page (only applicable for PP SDK merchants).

Input : The integration code samples for the Process API method are shown below for Android, iOS, and React Native. Each of these three methods require a single input as an argument, which is a JSON object containing a defined payload required to complete a process operation.

Integration Samples:

[self.hyperInstance process:processPayload];

Output : The result of each process call is provided with the callback function or listener which has been set up with the Initiate API method. The function name for each OS is:

  • Android -- HyperPaymentsCallbackAdapter
  • iOS -- HyperPaymentsCallback (contains a Dictionary as parameter)
  • React Native -- 'HyperEvent' listener (listens to events from HyperSDK)

Each of these methods will handle the various outputs/events in the response returned to the SDK when Process is called.