Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Add Card

Add a credit card or debit card of a customer to JusPay Locker. customer_id parameter identifies the customer to whom this card belongs to.

  Response Parameters  for the Add Card API:   (click to view)
card_tokenStringToken representing the card from which payments must be initiated. Tokens are by definition short lived, so please do not cache them in your system. May also be used to update a card, delete a card, or tokenize a card before it expires. Expired tokens will lead to transactions being declined.
card_referenceStringA reference identifier that doesn’t change for the stored card. Can be used to store any card metadata; for example: card type, card bin, or even transaction data.
card_fingerprintStringUniquely identifies the card across the board. When the same card is stored across multiple accounts, same fingerprint will be returned. This can be used to identify duplicates.
The request must include merchant_id,  customer_id, and either a token or Card (request) Parameters:     (click to open table)
merchant_id*StringMerchant ID which represents the merchant storing the card
customer_id*StringCustomer ID which represents the user uniquely
*  Use either the token parameter or Card (request) Parameters:
  token parameter:
token*StringThis is the token generated by the Tokenize API representing the details of a card. If token is used within 15 minutes, then card_number, card_exp_year, and card_exp_month are not required. merchant_id and customer_id are required in either case.
Note: This may be a Form parameter, not Query.
   Card (request) Parameters:
card_number*StringA valid card number (Required only if token is not used. )
card_exp_year*StringExpiry year of the card (Format: yyyy) Example: "2020" (Required only if token is not used. )
card_exp_month*StringExpiry month of the card (Format: mm) Example: "06" (Required only if token is not used. )
name_on_cardStringCard holder name. Should contain alphabetical characters only.
customer_emailStringEmail address of the customer.
nicknameStringA tag or a label for the card so that the user can easily identify the card.
* = Required
* = Conditionally required
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