Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!


Wallet account can be created only for an existing customer. Please use POST /customers API to create customer objects as needed.

Creating the wallet with command=authenticate parameter will trigger an OTP which will be used for linking the wallet thereby enabling direct debit authorization. You also have the option of deferring the authentication to a later point of time by omitting the command=authenticate parameter. In case you decide to defer it, Please use the Authenticate and Link APIs to authenticate and link the wallet. (See description for authenticate and linking process here).

  Returns:   Wallet Object     (click to view)
   Provides details of a selected wallet of a customer:
idStringThe unique identifier generated by Juspay for a particular wallet
objectStringMust be "wallet_account"
walletStringName of the Wallet Provider
tokenStringOne time token used to initiate a wallet transaction (expires after 15 minutes)
current_balanceStringThe balance available in the wallet as of the last refresh update. Available only for linked wallets.
linkedbooleanIf true, wallet is linked with the respective customer account.
Merchant can then use the given token to debit directly from the wallet.
Note: The Create, Authenticate, and Delink APIs will always return "false" for this parameter.
last_refreshedStringRepresents the date & time when the balance was updated last.
  {param1, param2,...}
ObjectCustom key-value sets can be passed here.
Example: {"mobile_number": "9999999999"}
gateway_reference_idStringUnique string identifier for the gateway supplying the wallet. Required in case of multiple MID setup
The request consists of customer_id and other parameters, as listed below:
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