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Create Order for Split Settlement

The response for this API is a Status, Redirect Info object (parameter group).       (click to open table)
This response is the same as that for the Create Order API.
idStringUnique ID generated by JusPay for the given order.
order_idStringGiven order ID.
statusStringStatus of the order. If you receive “CREATED”, then the order is successfully created (see Appendix below for status mapping). If you invoke this API with an order_id which is already created, then this API will return the result of /order/status API.
status_idStringStatus ID is a numeric id corresponding to the status value. See Appendix below for code meaning.
payment_links.webStringLink to checkout page that is optimized for Desktop for the given order.
payment_links.mobileStringLink to Mobile optimized checkout page for the given order.
payment_links.iframeStringLink to iFrame checkout screen. This is typically embedded inside of your own page.
Payment Links
Order create response now has payment links for web, mobile & iFrame. These links can directly be emailed or messaged to your customers. They will be redirected using a link to enter payment information. If you wish to use your own branding, then you can embed the iframe link into your page. Note that, these links are not valid perpetually. As soon as your order expires (this can be changed via our dashboard), the link will cease to work.
        APPENDIX   Order status codes and meaning
Order StatusIDMeaning
CREATED1Returned when the order is successfully created.
NEW10Newly created order.
PENDING_VBV23Authentication is in progress. The customer has to approve the mandate through the PSP App of their choice.
CHARGED21Successful transaction. The subscription cost of the period has been charged.
AUTHENTICATION_FAILED26User did not complete authentication.
AUTHORIZATION_FAILED27User completed authentication, but the bank refused the transaction.
JUSPAY_DECLINED22User input is not accepted by the underlying PG.
AUTHORIZING28Transaction status is pending from bank.
Request Parameter Details     (click to open table)
- includes metadata object for Split Settlement Details
order_id*StringA unique Identifier for the order.
amount*DoubleThe total order amount. Will accept double values with up to two decimal places.
return_urlStringA fully qualified URL such as http://shop.merchant.com/ to which the customer will be redirected after payment completion. This URL shouldn’t contain any query parameters. This URL takes higher precedence over the common return URL configured in your account settings
split_settlement_details= {...}
This describes how much amount is to be settled into the respective sub account IDs. Summation of amount for all the sub account ids has to be equal to the original order amount.
Parameters for the metadata.split_settlement_details object:
mdr_borne_by*StringMARKETPLACE/ VENDOR/ ALL
Marketplace (Parent merchant account ID) specific data to be passed
Vendor (Sub account IDs) specific data to be passed
Parameters for the marketplace object:
amountwwww*DoubleAmount to be settled in parent merchant settlement account
Parameters for the vendor object:
split: [{...},{...}...]
*Array of
Split settlement information to be passed
Parameters for each split object in array:
sub_mid*StringSub Account ID (maintained at JusPay’s end) to be passed.
amount*DoubleAmount to be settled in the sub account
merchant_commission*DoubleMerchant commission to be borne by sub account IDs
* = Required
* = Conditional
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