Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Create Customer

Creates a new customer object with the given Customer Data parameters. You may invoke this method whenever someone registers in your website or App. JusPay will respond with a customer_id that you can persist in your Database. Pass this ID at the time of order creation to ensure proper linking of orders/payments belonging to a customer.

  Returns:   Customer Object         (click to view)
customer_idStringCustomer ID generated by JUSPAY.
objectStringObject type of entity, in this case it’ll be customer.
object_reference_idStringCustomer ID defined by you.
mobile_numberStringCustomer’s mobile number.
date_createdStringDate creation of customer entity.
last_udpatedStringLast updated date of customer entity.
email_addressStringCustomer’s e-mail address.
first_nameStringCustomer’s first name.
last_nameStringCustomer’s last name.
mobile_country_codewwwwiStringMobile country code.

juspay: {

Object containing two client_auth_token parameters
Token required for SDK integration
Expiration date of  client_auth_token
Note 1:
A "customer_id" should be returned, not "id", as shown in the main document.
Note 2:
A Juspay Object (client_auth_token parameters) is included in the Customer Object response for the Create Customer API only if  options.get_client_auth_token is set to true in the request .
The request consists of Customer Data, merchant_id, object_reference_id, and an optional  get_client_auth_token parameter.
(click to open table)       Each parameter in tables is listed below:
  Customer Data parameters:       (click to view)
mobile_number*StringCustomer’s mobile number.wwwwwwwwww
email_address*StringCustomer’s e-mail address.
first_nameStringCustomer’s first name.
last_nameStringCustomer’s last name.
mobile_country_codeStringMobile country code. No need to prefix “+”.
* = Required only for the Create Customer API
x-merchantid*StringThe merchant id that a merchant hold at Juspay. Must be in Header.
object_reference_idwwwi*StringUnique ID that you use to represent the customer in your database. This must be atleast 8 characters and must be unique. The typical value for this field would be email address or mobile number or auto increment ID that you have in your DB
This is required to obtain the client_auth_token which is used for SDK integration
 * = Required
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