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Eligibility API

Determines if a customer has a linked wallet with sufficient amount for the order.



  1. Either amount or the order_id should be present in the request so as to get the eligibility.
  2. gateway_data is gateway specific information, it can be mandatory for some

Format Supported:

  1. application/JSON
  2. application/x-www-form-urlencoded
  Response Parameters  for the Eligibility API:     (click to view)
ArrayAn array of EligibilityData Objects. Lists all the payment methods which have eligibility criteria.
(see table below)
EligibilityData Object - provides details of each payment method of a customer.
payment_methodStringName of the Payment Method which has eligibility criteria
payment_method_typeStringType of the payment method, like WALLET
descriptionStringDescription about the payment method
is_eligibleBooleanFlag which specifies if the customer is eligible for the payment method
eligibility_strategyStringDifferent strategy of eligibility. like Transaction eligibility, User eligibility
balanceDoubleBalance given in the gateway eligibility response
statusStringThe Juspay mapped error status for the corresponding gateway error code
(see Appendix below)
due_dateStringDue date of the pay later option bill payment.
gateway_error_codeStringError code
gateway_error_messageStringError message given by gateway
 Gateway error codes and messages:  (click to view)
Error CodeError Message
OC_000Ola Postpaid available
OC_011user not found
Codes not listed in document, but found in actual response.
  APPENDIX:   Eligibility status codes and meaning   (click to view)
Status codeDescription
INSUFFICIENT_FUNDSThe wallet amount is less than the order amount
USER_NOT_FOUNDUser not found for that gateway
INVALID_DATAInvalid header or input data or any of the values are expired
NOT_ACCESSIBLEWhen the user does not have access because of the insufficient credit limit or blocked to that wallet
PENDING_DUESPending dues are present in the wallet which user needs to clear
ERRORAny other error mapping
 Error Codes and Description:  (click to view)
Error CodeDescription
linking_requiredLink the Simpl account
pending_billClear the previous dues to proceed
insufficient_creditClear the previous dues to proceed
unable_to_processTransaction Amount exceeds spending limit
user_unauthorizedUser is not eligible to use Simpl
The request consists of either  amount and/or  order_id, and other parameters, as listed below:
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