Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Get bank account

Retrieves the details of a specific bank account of a customer stored in the Juspay system.

  Returns:   Bank Account Object     (click to view)
idStringBank account ID generated by Juspay
customer_idStringCustomer ID sent in request. (Customer ID is provided by juspay or is the object reference ID given by merchant during customer creation.)
date_createdStringDate that account was created
bank_nameStringName of bank
ifscStringIFSC code for a bank branch.
account_numberStringBank account number.
beneficiary_nameStringName of the customer in a given bank account.
validation_amountStringAmount that account is validated for
currencyStringType of currency
validation_statusStringStatus of account (CREATED, PENDING, or ACTIVE)
last_validatedStringTime/date of most recent validation
   {param1, param2, ....}
StringCustom key-value sets sent in request
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