Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

List Outages

This API will return a detailed list of scheduled outages with banks and payment gateways (wherein the NetBanking or Direct Debit option will not be available). Each outage is represented by an Outage Object. At this point, we only return the Scheduled downtimes that are announced by the Bank. You may use this to suggest alternative payment methods to your customers during the checkout process.

This API will return the current outages and those in the near future as well. Please check the start time & end time to show only the outages that are currently ongoing
  Response Parameters  for the List Outages API:   (click to view)
list: [{...},{...},..]ArrayAn array of Outage Objects as shown in the table below. This array provides details of each outage detected by Juspay.
totalIntTotal number of current and expected outages detected by Juspay
offsetIntOffset from start (default is 0)
countIntCount of Outage Objects to be included in response (default is same as 'total')
    Outage Object:
idStringOutage ID generated by JusPay.
objectStringObject type of entity, in this case it’ll be outage
scopeStringScope of the outage, one of BANK or GATEWAY. If GATEWAY, then all the payment methods supported by the gateway will be impacted. If BANK, then the issue pertains only to the bank.
gatewayStringWill be present only if the scope is GATEWAY. All the payment methods pertaining to the GATEWAY will be impacted. You can mitigate this risk by having multiple gateways for each of the payment methods. The probability that two gateways will be down simulateneously is extremely low.
bankStringWill be present only if the scope is BANK.
payment_method_typeStringWill be present only if the scope is BANK. One of NB or CARD. If NB, then NetBanking is impacted. If CARD, then cards issued by the bank will not work.
start_timeStringIndicates the start time of the outage event.
end_timeStringIndicates the outage completion time.

An example checkout screen with downtime info:

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