Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Notification Status API

Merchants can call notification status API to check whether a notification has been sent to a customer or not. The notification is referenced by  object_reference_id.

  Response Parameters  for the Notification Status API:   (click to view)
Response parameters are the same as for the Notification API.
idStringUnique identifier provided by Juspay.
i.e. "1957069"
source_objectStringSource object for notification.
i.e. “MANDATE”
source_object_idStringSource object for notification. mandate_id in this case.
i.e. "92025"
objectStringMust be set to "notification"
This should be added to response list, since it is shown in actual response.
object_reference_idStringUnique Identifier passed in the request.
I.e. "1234578"
provider_nameStringName of the provider. Gateway name in this case
I.e. "PAYTM_V2"
notification_typeStringType of notification.
I.e. “SMS”
descriptionStringReason for debit passed in the request
statusStringStatus of Notification. Must be one of these four states:
CREATED - Notification created in Juspay System, but not yet initiated to gateway
PENDING - Initiated to the Payment Gateway, and awaiting the notification status from gateway
SUCCESS - Success from gateway
FAILURE - Failed from gateway
date_createdStringDate-time of notification created in UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone) format.
i.e. "1598960071"
last_updatedStringDate-time of notification updated in UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone) format.
i.e. "1598960071"
metadataStringMetadata passed in the request
 Mandate ID provided in the request:
 i.e. "4rKxSj3bNXs7RQcdtajAkb"
    {param1, param2,...}
ObjectJSON block of source info provided in the request.
  Parameters for the source_info object:
      (click to open)
amountStringAmount passed in the request.
i.e. "100.00"<
txn_dateStringtxn_date passed in the request.
Format: UNIX EPOCH timestamp (UTC timezone).
i.e. "1634057114"
mandate.display_invoice_numberStringThe display invoice number that was passed in the request.
i.e. "INVN67Mzd6wMX4xPVBC"
    {param1, param2}
ObjectJSON block of response from gateway.
  Parameters for the provider_response object:
      (click to open)
provider_ref_idStringReference Number provided by downstream gateway.
i.e. "IN0DF815118772"
notification_dateStringDate on which notification was sent by downstream gateway.
I.e. "1634057114"
Specific to PAYTM_V2
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