Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Payment Methods

Gives a list of all the payment methods available for your account.


Outage Information

Outage information is received realtime from the recent transactions at merchant account level and Juspay global level

Outage has two levels FLUCTUATE and DOWN. These are configurable at the merchant account level

A list (array) of Payment Methods is returned, along with optional lists (arrays) for payment methods that support a given type, as selected by the Query Parameters.       (click to view)
If a Query option is selected for listing payment methods with supported Gateway Reference IDs or Direct Wallet Debit support, the result is shown in the payment_methods array, as marked by the extra parameters below.

If a Query option is selected for listing payment methods that support Emandates, Outages, or Third-Party Validation (TPV), the result is listed in a separate array, as shown below.

payment_methods: [...],

    Optionally includes extra parameters for payment methods with
    Supported Gateway Reference IDs and payment methods that
    support Direct Wallet Debit (see table below for parameters).

emandate_payment_methods: [...],

outages: [...],

tpv_payment_methods: [...]

Each element in a payment_methods array is a Payment Method Object. Same object is used in arrays listing payment methods that support a given type.
payment_method_typeStringMust be either CARD, NB, WALLET. Or UPI
payment_methodStringThe actual payment method that was selected by the user.
descriptionStringBank associated with payment method (or card type)
These extra parameters are returned with the Payment Method Object when listing payment methods of certain types:
wallet_direct_debit_supportwwBooleanOptionally included in the "payment_methods" list. Returns 'true' or 'false' only when "payment_method_type" = "WALLET"
supported_reference_ids: [....]Array of
Optionally included in the "payment_methods" list. Only used for payment methods with supported gateway reference IDs
statusStringOnly used when listing the payment methods with outages. Examples: "DOWN", "FLUCTUATE"
juspay_bank_codeStringOnly used when listing the payment methods with outages. By using juspay_bank_code as a look-up, a merchant can determine whether a payment method has outage or not.
The request consists of a Path Parameter (merchant_id), and optional Query Parameters, as listed below:
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