Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Refresh All Wallets

The API can be used to fetch the list of all the wallets created against a customer and also provides the balances (wherever applicable).

  Response Parameters  for the Refresh All Wallets API:     (click to open table)
list: [{...},{...},..]ArrayAn array of Wallet Objects     (see table below)
totalIntTotal wallets set against customer_id
offsetIntOffset from start (default is 0)
countIntCount of wallet objects to be included in response
Default is same as total
The elements returned in the list array are Wallet Objects, that provide details of each wallet of a customer:
idStringThe unique identifier generated by Juspay for a particular wallet
objectStringMust be "wallet_account"
walletStringName of the Wallet Provider
juspay_bank_codeStringThe bank code provided by Juspay.
tokenStringOne time token used to initiate a wallet transaction (expires after 15 minutes)
current_balanceStringThe balance available in the wallet as of the last refresh update. Available only for linked wallets.
linkedbooleanIf true, wallet is linked with the respective customer account.
Merchant can then use the given token to debit directly from the wallet.
last_refreshedStringRepresents the date & time when the balance was updated last.
  {param1, param2,...}
ObjectCustom key-value sets can be passed here. In this case, the mobile_number currently associated with the wallet is passed.
Example: {"mobile_number": "9999999999"}
gateway_reference_idStringUnique string identifier for the gateway against which the wallet is created. Required in case of multiple MID setup.
The request consists of customer_id, and other parameters, as listed below:

Note:  version  and  Content-Type  should be listed as Optional.

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