Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!


Authentication is NOT required for this API call.

The tokenization API takes in the details of a card and generates a token representing the details of the card. This API is expected to be called from the browser or directly from Android/iOS app. Once a card is tokenized, you can initiate a payment or add the card to any customer’s account using /card/add.

A tokenized card is remembered only for 15 minutes. You have to make use of the card before its validity expires. If expired, you have to get the card input by the user again.

  Returns:   token         ( click for description )
tokenStringGenerated token representing the details of the card
(expires after 15 minutes).
The request must include a  merchant_id and  Card (request) Parameters, as listed below:     (click to open table)
merchant_id*StringMerchant ID which represents the merchant storing the card
*  Card (request) Parameters:     (click to open)
card_number*StringA valid card number
card_exp_year*StringExpiry year of the card
(Format: yyyy) Example: "2020"
card_exp_month*StringExpiry month of the card
(Format: mm) Example: "06"
card_security_code*StringCVV of the card. Usually three digits.
name_on_cardStringCard holder name. Should contain alphabetical characters only.
stored_card_tokenStringThe card_token received in the response of the List stored card API or Add Card API. Required for tokenizing the saved card.
* = Required
* = Conditionally required
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