Hey! These docs are for version 3.2, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 1.0!

Update Order

Update an order that has already been created. The only amount, address and UDF fields can be updated. Address fields can be optionally sent as explained in the /order/create API.



Update order is not recommended once the transaction is initiated to PG. Updating the order amount might lead to order amount mismatch (In case there are retry allowed on same order id).

    Returns:  Order Object       (see table)
(Response is the same as that of the /order/status call.)
The request consists of  order_id, amount, (both required) and any parameters in the following two Parameter Groups: w w w w w (click to open tables)
Two parameter Groups contained within the Order Details object can
be modified for the Update Order API:
  Billing/Shipping Adress Parameters:
billing_address_first_nameStringFirst name in the billing address
billing_address_last_nameStringLast name in the billing address
billing_address_line1StringLine1 in the billing address
billing_address_line2StringLine2 in the billing address
billing_address_line3StringLine3 in the billing address
billing_address_cityStringBilling address city
billing_address_stateStringBilling address state
billing_address_countryStringBilling address country
billing_address_postal_codeStringBilling address postal code or zip code
billing_address_phoneStringMobile or phone number in the billing address
billing_address_country_code_iso---StringISO Country code
(Default value: IND)
shipping_address_first_nameStringFirst name in the shipping address
shipping_address_last_nameStringLast name in the shipping address
shipping_address_line1StringLine1 in the shipping address
shipping_address_line2StringLine2 in the shipping address
shipping_address_line3StringLine3 in the shipping address
shipping_address_cityStringShipping address city
shipping_address_stateStringShipping address state
shipping_address_countryStringShipping address country
shipping_address_postal_codeStringshipping address postal code or zip code
shipping_address_phoneStringMobile or phone number in the shipping address
shipping_address_country_code_isoStringISO Country code
(Default value: IND)
  UDF Parameters:
udf1 to udf10 - Optional user defined fields which will be echoed back in the response from Juspay with a Max character limit of 255. These fields may be used to pass any additional information that is required to be stored at Juspay for any analysis or other operations. In some cases, these UDFs are passed to the downstream gateways as well.
udf1StringUser Defined Field
order_id*StringOrder ID
amount*StringNew amount value

   * = Required
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