Amazon Pay UPI SDK Flow


This document describes the steps to integrate Amazon Pay deep-intent SDK flow for
merchants integrated on Juspay’s Payment Page product. The objective of this new
integration is to improve user experience and success rates by reducing unnecessary
redirections for the end user.


Amazon Pay SDKs are included in a new SDK HyperAPayUPI. Merchant needs to add its
dependency in addition to the existing HyperSDK dependency in the app’s build.gradle.

dependencies {
    implementation 'in.juspay:hyperapayupi:2.1.11'
    // Make sure to have hypersdk version same as hyperapayupi.
    implementation 'in.juspay:hypersdk:2.1.11'

Note: Please make sure you have mavenCentral() added in root build.gradle’s allProject
repository section to fetch transitive dependencies of HyperAPayUPI SDK