The Cordova plugin for HyperSDK enables Cordova webview to communicate with the native platform. Refer hyper-sdk-plugin to check the package on npm registry.


npm i hyper-sdk-plugin

Getting the SDK

SDK is available as a node depdendecy via:

cordova plugin add hyper-sdk-plugin

Also, it can be added as a direct branch reference:

cordova plugin add git+ssh://[email protected]/juspay/hyper-sdk-cordova#master


Create an instance for HyperSDK cordova plugin by using:

hyperSDKRef = cordova.plugins.HyperSDKPlugin


The WooCommerce plugin provides a simplified checkout experience that works across platforms. It comes with built-in support for multiple payment methods like Cards, UPI, Netbanking, Wallets, etc., to speed up checkout for your customers.

Simple installation, easy set-up and no-code integration to ensure you can start transacting with just a few clicks!

This extension allows you to use Juspay as a checkout platform in your Woocommerce store.

Upload and extract the plugin files under to_upload directory to "Wordpress_ROOT/wp- content/plugins" directory of your Wordpress Installation and then run the below commands.

Step 1 :
Activate the uploaded plugin from Wordpress Admin -> Plugins page.

Step 2 :
Enable the payment gateway for Woocommerce -> Settings -> Payments and proceed with configuration settings.

Configuration Parameters


Generating the RSA Key Pair

Merchant must securely generate a 2048 bit RSA Public Private Key. You can create a new key pair on terminal using the below command.

Step 1 :
The below command would generate a private key file private-key.pem

openssl genrsa -out private-key.pem 2048

Step 2 :
The below command would generate a public key file public-key.pem for the private key file generated via above command.

openssl rsa -in private-key.pem -pubout -out public-key.pem

Step 3 :
Upload the Public key file "public-key.pem" generated above to Juspay Dashboard.
Settings -> Security - > Upload new RSA key
After successful upload, make use of the "merchant key id".

Step 4 :
Private key file generated should be kept securely. Copy the contents of private-key.pem and paste it in the woocommerce configuration section.

Note: To simplify integration on sandbox, we have already shared a set of auto-generated keys. Please make sure a new set of keys is generated for production, prior to go-live.

Sample Juspay Configurations


Sample Woocommerce Configurations

(All the data provided in the below screenshot is for reference only. Please get actual values from Juspay team.)