Server Side Integration

Server side implementation required at Merchant end (to integrate with Juspay Payments SDK) will need ensuring
  1. Availability of all payload parameters to trigger Payments SDK (Refer Step 2 in Integration Architecture )
  2. Handling SDK responses (Refer Step 6 in Integration Architecture )
  3. Implementation of Server-to-Server calls

Availability of all payload parameters to trigger Payments SDK

The Merchant App will need specific payload to Process the SDK. Please ensure that all the payload parameters are made available by your server.

  • Process Payload

    Since the SDK is an enhanced Payments Orchestrator, the payload to Process SDK is typically a bunch of basic Payments payload parameters. Please refer the Payload for Process for required parameters.

Server to Server Calls

The Merchant will have to initiate server-to-server calls for the below use cases:

  1. Fetching order status post transaction Documentation for the Orderstatus API:
  2. Initiating refund against successful order Documentation for Refund initiation API:
  3. Handling S2S responses from Juspay Server (webhooks) Documentation for webhooks:
  4. Mandates - S2S APIs Documentation for Mandates:

What’s Next