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Payments SDK has been structured so that it exposes a limited set of generic Apis APIs which covers the structure of the constantly changing payments ecosystem. This enables the consumption of new features seamlessly and with very minimal changes.

All HyperSDK APIs / methods are triggered on an instance of HyperServices, which must be initialized on your operating system as follows:

Note : Make sure that HyperSDK has been imported and set up as described in Getting the SDK.


An instance of HyperServices should be created with a fragment activity instance and a viewgroup instance as its parameters.

HyperServices hyperInstance  = new HyperServices(fragmentActivity, viewgroup);
var hyperInstance: HyperServices = HyperServices(fragmentActivity, viewgroup)


An instance of HyperServices should be created before making any API calls.

let hyperInstance = HyperServices()
HyperServices *hyperInstance = [HyperServices new];

React Native

This method creates an instance of the HyperServices class in the React Bridge Module on which all the HyperSDK APIs / or methods are triggered. It internally uses the current activity as an argument.



All api's APIs are triggered on an instance of HyperServices.

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