Simpl Paylater


All prerequisites and authorization required for Simpl shall be completed by merchant

  • Account creation with Simpl
  • Configure the credentials provided by Simpl on Juspay Dashboard


Ensure that the following dependencies are added for Android

allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
          url ""

dependencies {  
    implementation ""

For iOS SDK version 2.1.3 and above:

pod 'SimplFingerPrint', '1.0.6'

Note: Dependency addition is not required for iOS SDK version below 2.1.3 and Web

User Experience

  • First time user: Simpl wallet will be displayed on the payment page, if the user is eligible to transact on Simpl. On choosing Simpl, the user will be redirected to Simpl page to enter mobile number, verify OTP and authorize the payment.
  • Repeat user: In case of a repeat user eligible to transact on Simpl, the payment page shall display Simpl option with available wallet balance. On choosing SImpl the user’ wallet account will get debited without any redirection.